Jamie Butler

About Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler the principal Osteopath at the Loughborough Osteopathic Clinic qualified as an osteopath in 1992 having worked previously as a sports therapist and remedial masseur since 1987. Over the last 27 years in practice Jamie has developed a professional, caring and understanding approach to osteopathic healthcare whilst constantly developing his technical knowledge and ability to provide patients with safe effective relief from their conditions.

Jamie Passionately believes in the importance of educating the patient to understand their problems, and clear communication regarding of all aspects of their osteopathic treatment. In this way patients are reassured of the safety and effectiveness of any treatment they may undergo.

In the last 10 years, Jamie has developed a special interest in bio-mechanics and Gait Analysis. This fascinating field involves looking at the way patients walk/run and move from the ground up. Often patients require inserts or 'orthotics' in their footwear to correct feet rolling in (pronating) or out (supinating). Correcting these problems 'at source' can hugely improve all sorts of pain ranging from foot/ankle to hip, knee and back pain.

Jamie has links to some of the best bio-mechanical orthotics providers in the UK and is able where necessary to refer patients for corrective devices to help realign vital mechanical balance of their bodies. This, incorporated with advice on core stability and strengthening exercises has resulted in many patients being able to get excellent, long lasting relief from pain.