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Back pain


Headaches (Including migraines)

Neck pain (Including whiplash)

Frozen shoulder

Arthritis and joint pain

Muscle pain

Hip and knee pain

Sprains and strains

Injury rehabilitation

Sports injuries

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Gait analysis

Gait Analysis to leg, foot and ankle problems. Jamie Butler works closely with an excellent gait analysis specialist to analyse, diagnose and treat often previously undiagnosed gait dysfunctions (the legs and feet not working efficiently or correctly) that often lead to long term back, hip and leg pain.


Many long term repetitive headache sufferers often just take medication and continue to 'put up' with the pain. It is often found that the relationship and position of the vertebral bones of the neck and the head have been disturbed either by poor posture, previous injury, birth trauma or other causative factors.

This can result in increased muscle tension and the head, neck and shoulders. Restricted neck mobility and subsequent head.neck pain. Osteopathy can help re-balance such conditions.

Treatment Techniques

Any treatment techniques used will be clearly explained to you before treatment commences.

The osteopath will discuss why these techniques are most suited to you and your complaint, and will ask your consent wherever necessary before proceeding with treatment.

If you are unsure, unhappy or uncomfortable with any techniques, please tell the osteopath and we will discuss this with you.

Usually a treatment is started by relaxing and releasing muscles and stretching stiff joints, using gentle massage and rhythmic joint movements.

Osteopaths use gentle massage and rhythmic joint movements. Osteopaths occasionally use short abrupt movements to encourage joints to return to normal function where possible.

These manipulations or HVT (High velocity thrusts) are used only where deemed safe and are not painful to experience.

It is possible to experience some discomfort after osteopathic treatment.

This is a normal part of the treatment and healing process. If this is felt your osteopath is contactable by phone to advise the best way to minimise any discomfort.

Pain relief

Pain comes in a huge variety of forms; it is your body’s way of telling you that something is functioning inappropriately and as such can affect almost any part of you with common complaints including the lower back, neck, head (including migraine), joints, jaw, knees and legs. Of course pain can also come about through rheumatism, periods, traumatic injury, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sports, whiplash, lumbago, sciatica, repetitive strain injury or chronic ongoing pain.

Back pain

Over 50% of Osteopathic consultations relate to back pain; impairment of the spine can affect the neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks, groin or legs and so is often the cause of pain in your body. Back pain can stem from injury, disease or other pathological conditions so your Osteopath will use a variety of medical examinations and sometimes referrals to other specialists to find the best way to prevent or treat your specific problem. If you are suffering from back pain we recommend seeing an Osteopath as soon as possible who can recommend exercises that can help and look at potential root causes like sitting positions at home, at work, in the car, lifting heavy objects, gardening or the type of bed you have.

Sports injuries and pains

Body posture is a critical element in all kinds of sports, get it wrong and it affects your performance and could cause you injury. Our Osteopaths can help you work on your posture for safer and often better performance. We typically look at feet, knees and lower back, general body posture and the critical role of the pelvis in chronic groin or hamstring strains. As ever, at the Loughborough Osteopathic Clinic we focus on prevention rather than cure and can give sports people advice on warm ups and warm downs specific to their individual requirements.

Work strain and pain

The human body is designed to move, it is key to our health to do so but our modern lifestyle unfortunately forces us to sit for prolonged periods of time at desks, in cars, even on the sofa at home. This can cause stiffness and other problems in the musculo-skeletal system such as muscle and tendon injuries, slipped discs, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, peritendinitis, epicondylitis, wrist pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and repetitive strain injuries. Your Osteopath can help by looking at your individual posture when sitting or driving, and offer advice on how to improve it and suggest exercises and changes in routine which can alleviate your pain or prevent it happening in the first place.

You can learn more about our treatments and common complaints we deal with such as pregnancy pain, treatment of children and babies, back pain and arthritis on our patient resources page, or by getting in contact with us for a full consultation. No matter what your musculo-skeletal complaints or pain issues, our skilled Osteopaths can help you find a solution that prevents or greatly reduces your suffering.